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natsu name meaning and Name Origin

natsunatsu used for F or M Japanese BoyBorn In Summer
natsukinatsuki used for F American Girl

Popularity of natsu

natsu is vey popular for American babies name and its popularity ranking is very high in all the years ranging from 2010, 2011 , 2012 and 2013. natsu is not a popular first name but a very popular surname or last name for all people.

natsuki baby names

Name meanings

When naming your baby, it's important to consider the gender of the name itself. When people look at the name given, they might ask if this is for a man or a woman, or "what is the meaning of the name ?", history, origin, popularity of the name.

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Other names to consider

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Thinking of Common or Unique names?

There are advantages and disadvantages in both the common and unique names.Unique names makes your child to stand out while common doesn't.

choosing unique names based on Relatives and friends

Many parents choose to name their babies after a grandparent, other relative, or close friend.

Initials and nicknames

Choose names that will have good initials, because initials can be turned to nickname. Most parents don't think about the initials that may spell out something embarrassing.

Ancestry and heritage names

Your child's heritage is very important and you may want their name to show it.